What is an overjet?

An overjet is when the upper front teeth close down too deeply over the lower front teeth. A slight overjet is actually normal. But a severe overjet can lead to problems. In some serious cases, the bottom teeth bite into the roof of the mouth.

What causes an overjet?

Sometimes, an overjet happens naturally when the upper part of the mouth is much larger than the lower jaw. An overjet can also be caused by a habit like thumb-sucking that pushes the front teeth out of healthy alignment.

What happens if you don’t fix an overjet?

Severe untreated overjets can lead to jaw pain. Even moderate overjets can cause uneven tooth wear, however, so it is best to repair them.

How to correct an overjet

Orthodontic treatment with a clear aligner can be a very effective way to correct an overjet. Contact a Reveal doctor near you to find out if Reveal can help you fix an overjet.