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The clear aligner for those who insist on quality and convenience.

With so many other clear aligners on the market, why Reveal® Clear Aligners?

Reveal is everything a health-focused clear aligner should be. It’s efficient, well-made, and affordable. But most importantly, it combines the convenience of an online direct-to-customer aligner with the high standard of care you’d get from your local dentist or orthodontist.

+ beautiful & effective clear aligners.
+ treatment by a clinician you trust.
+ comfort & affordability.

Reveal delivers it all.

Our Aligner Concierge Team is happy to assist with answers to your questions or concerns. Connect with us at the online chat link below or by calling 800-344-3397.

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Reveal Aligners: the benefits at-a-glance

Strong & comfortable.

Made from our proprietary ClearWear™ material, Reveal Aligners have an extraordinarily precise fit for predictable and comfortable treatment.

Clear aligners for teens and adults.

Reveal treatment solutions are available for adults and teens in need of tooth movement.

The clearest solution.

The ClearWearTM material in Reveal aligners will not stain or cloud during your treatment, keeping your smile clear, and your aligners a secret.

Safe treatment by a trusted professional.

See the doctor of your choice for your Reveal clear aligner treatment.

Minimal touch orthodontics.

With no braces or wires to place, Reveal minimizes contact between doctors and patients—a key health consideration in this era of COVID-19.

Orthodontic industry expertise.

Reveal Aligners are backed by Henry Schein® OrthodonticsTM, a global leader in dentistry and healthcare with more than 40 years of experience in developing innovative orthodontic solutions.

People are talking about Reveal

“I have never felt comfortable smiling “big” because my bite has always been crooked, which shifts my teeth to the right. I’ve always yearned for that “Hollywood” smile, and once considered Veneers, but that wouldn’t fix my issue; just cover it up. I considered aligners, but the ones out there had those ugly buttons or attachments, which was not appealing to me, either. So, I tried Reveal Clear Aligners, and in only 8 months, my bite is perfectly aligned and my smile is “big”!”
Renee C. - Carlsbad, CA
“I talk a lot for work and they don’t obstruct my speech at all. They’re very comfortable in the mouth and haven’t given my cheeks or gums any irritation. They are also very discreet, oftentimes people directly in front of me don’t know they are in.”
Chris L. - Mill Creek, WA
“I only trust my smile to a professional orthodontist and would not have considered treatment if I had to have anything glued on my teeth. Dr. Fortney provided a treatment that gave me confidence from start to finish.”
Tiffany V. - Houston, TX

Check out these smiles that have been “Reveal”- ed.

Before and After Reveal Treatment

The clear braces health trend

Clear aligners (also called clear braces) fit snugly over your teeth—a little too snugly, actually. They put pressure on your teeth at specific points to gradually nudge them into new positions. Once your teeth have moved to fit the current aligner, it’s time to move on to the next one. You’ll go through a series of these aligner trays until your teeth are all straight. Dental clear aligners have several health benefits. For example, it’s easier to maintain good oral hygiene when wearing clear aligners instead of regular braces.

Reveal Clear Aligners by Henry Schein Orthodontics deliver all of the health benefits of aligner treatment minus the inherent health risks of ordering aligners online. Reveal gives you a safe and healthy clear aligner option.

Why choose Reveal Clear Aligners?

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