What is a crossbite?

Your upper teeth are supposed to close down slightly over the outsides of your lower teeth. But in a crossbite, one or more of your lower teeth overlap the front outer surface of your upper teeth. Crossbites can occur in front or back teeth (also known as an anterior crossbite or posterior crossbite).

What causes a crossbite?

Crossbites are often due to a discrepancy in the jaw or tooth positioning or both. Crossbites are generally more serious when found in children’s smiles since they can lead to jaw problems in the future.

What happens if you don’t fix a crossbite?

A crossbite in front teeth puts them at risk for chipping and gum recession.

How to correct a crossbite

You can use clear aligners to correct a crossbite caused by tooth positioning.  Reveal® Clear Aligners by Henry Schein® OrthodonticsTM are designed to help you get a straighter and healthier smile under your dentist’s guidance.