Patient Testimonials | Clear Aligners
Patient Testimonials | Clear Aligners
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We love hearing from you!

Tell us about your experience with Reveal Aligners.

Patient Testimonials

Tell us about your journey with Reveal Aligners in the form below and we could feature you on our website or social media pages! Your story could help give someone the confidence to start their own Reveal journey and get the smile they’ve always wanted.
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Reveal Endless Summer Selfies ☀️ 

Summer doesn’t last forever….But the confidence you get from your new smile will. And we want to hear about it!

Submit your Reveal selfie below & get an aligner inspired pool floatie!

Rules: US only. Must be a former or current Reveal patient. Fill out the “Share Your Story” marketing release and upload a before photo, a progress and/or after photo, and we will send you a Reveal pool floatie. 1 entry per patient. While supplies last. Patients who are also healthcare providers in VT, MA and MN are not eligible.