Quick Tips For Using Your Reveal Aligners

Reveal® Clear Aligners are clear plastic trays that are made specifically for you based on the mold of your teeth taken by your dentist or orthodontist. They are a series of clear, lightweight, plastic appliances indicated for the correction of dental malocclusions in patients with permanent dentition (i.e. all second molars). They are intended to position teeth by way of continuous gentle forces. Not to be used if you are allergic to plastics.

  • Each aligner should be worn for 2 weeks (14-15 days).
  • Each aligner has to be worn throughout the night and day, except during meals and while brushing your teeth.
  • In case of loss, damage or breakage, please call your treating dentist immediately.

Inserting Your Aligners


GENTLE PUSH Insert either the upper or lower aligner first by gently pushing each aligner over your front teeth .

EQUAL PRESSURE Using your fingertips, apply equal pressure to the tops of your left and right molars (back teeth) until the aligner snaps into place.

SECURE Make sure the aligners are secured firmly. If they don’t fit properly, gently bite onto cotton or a gauze piece to seat your aligners into position.

TIGHT BUT NOT PAINFUL Aligners fit tightly so you may feel some pressure which is necessary to move your teeth. NOTE: If you experience significant discomfort, please call your treating dentist immediately.

ADJUSTING You may speak with a slight lisp, which will go away after several days as your tongue adjusts to your aligners.

STICK WITH IT Aligners should be worn all day and all night, at least 22 hours each day, except while eating, brushing and flossing or as directed by your dentist.

TOP FROM BOTTOM Make sure you have the proper aligner – the upper for the top teeth and the lower for your bottom teeth. Each aligner is marked.

Removing Your Aligners

  • Using your fingers, start on one side at the molars and slowly work your way around to the other side, as shown in video.
  • To help prevent damage, avoid unnecessary removal.
  • DO NOT use any sharp object or excessive force to bend or twist an aligner to remove.
  • Immediately rinse aligner with water, shake off excess water and store your aligners in the protective case provided with your starter kit.

Daily Care


Thoroughly rinse each aligner with water after each cleaning.  Don’t use hot water to clean your aligners, as they will disfigure. Always use lukewarm water.


Clean aligners using a soft bristle toothbrush, normal tap water and a small amount of toothpaste.

  • Retainer Brite cleaning tablet is recommended to clean your aligners.
  • Avoid using mouthwash or denture cleaners to clean your aligners. These products can damage the surface of the aligner, causing it to become dull and more visible.


When not in use, always store your aligners in your aligner case. Always clean and dry your aligners before storing them in aligner case.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Some food can stain your aligner. Always brush after every meal before inserting the aligners back in position to avoid staining the aligner.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling your aligners.
  • Handle only ONE aligner at a time.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. Pets love to chew on aligners.


  • Don’t chew gum or drink hot liquids while wearing aligners.

Lost or Broken?

Don’t panic. Just call your doctor right away. In the meantime, you may temporarily go back one stage and use the previous
set of aligners while a replacement is being made.

SIMPLE TIP: Always keep your most recently used aligners (previous set) in a separate case/pouch in a secure place.