Midline shift

What is a midline shift?

Imagine a vertical line running done the front of your smile, dividing it into right and left sides. That line is your midline. In midline shift, the line between your two upper front teeth and the line between your two lower front teeth do not line up.

What causes a midline shift?

Midline shift can be very subtle or strikingly obvious. Midline shift is often caused by trauma or congenitally missing teeth.

What happens if you don’t fix a midline shift?

If most of your teeth are bumped out of healthy alignment due to midline shift, then this will affect your facial symmetry and could cause uneven enamel wear.

How to correct a midline shift

Repairing a midline shift requires comprehensive orthodontic treatment. A clear aligner may only work in cases where just a few front teeth have caused the shift. Do you have a midline shift you’d like to fix with Reveal® Clear Aligners? Schedule a visit with a Reveal doctor to see if you are a candidate.