Edge-to-Edge Bite

What is an edge-to-edge bite?

If your front teeth bite together exactly on their edges, then you have an edge-to-edge bite. Ideally, your front teeth should close down over the front of your lower front teeth.

What causes an edge-to-edge bite?

Edge-to-edge tooth alignment may develop from poor tooth positioning, a jaw alignment issue, or both.

What happens if you don’t fix an edge-to-edge bite?

Teeth that contact each other on the biting edge are highly prone to fracturing. They may also experience sensitivity and rapid enamel loss as they wear down. Edge-to-edge teeth often end up needing root canals because of the damage they suffer.

How to correct an edge-to-edge bite

If jaw alignment is the cause of edge-to-edge bite, then it may not be possible to fix the bite with clear aligners. Aligners can help in cases where only the tooth alignment needs to be corrected. Do you have an edge-to-edge bite?  Contact a Reveal provider in your area to schedule a consultation to find out if Reveal is right for you