Deep Bite

What is a deep bite?

A deep bite is an extreme case of overbite. In a deep bite, the upper front teeth mostly or entirely cover the lower front teeth.

What causes a deep bite?

Deep bites are normally the result of having a small lower jaw. The lower front teeth may bite into the roof of the mouth and experience crowding issues as a result of the poor alignment.

What happens if you don’t fix a deep bite?

A deep bite is a serious orthodontic concern that will definitely need treatment. Left untreated, a deep bite will only get worse and can lead to other complications like jaw pain, slurred speech, damaged teeth, headache, and mouth sores.

How to correct a deep bite

Because a deep bite is connected to jaw alignment problems, a clear aligner may not be sufficient to correct the problem. Some cases are treatable with aligners like Reveal, however. If you have a deep bite and want to see if you qualify for Reveal aligners, contact a doctor near you.