Are Reveal Aligners Right For Me?

Reveal® Clear Aligners are a simple and dependable option for many teens and adults who want to enhance their appearance by straightening their teeth. To see if Reveal is right for you too, schedule a consultation with your doctor, who will examine your smile to see if you are a candidate.

Our Aligner Concierge Team is also happy to assist with answers to your questions or concerns. Connect with us at the online chat link below or by calling 800-344-3397.

An aligner patient wearing her aligners.

“I want a straighter smile.”

Are you embarrassed by the way your smile looks? You’re definitely not alone. Many adults get orthodontic treatment for the very first time later in life because they eventually get tired of living with a smile they’re ashamed to let others see.

Reveal Clear Aligners by Henry Schein® OrthodonticsTM, can help you achieve the smile of your dreams by treating problems like:

  • Crossbite
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite
  • Crowded teeth

Reveal Aligners are the simple and easy solution for anyone who wants to enjoy a straighter smile and more confidence. Your health is our priority, so be rest assured that we take your overall well-being into account when we work with your doctor to provide aligners for your orthodontic treatment.

You’ll finish your treatment with straighter teeth, a bigger smile, and more confidence than ever before.

Reveal Aligner patients hiking

“I’m a teen looking for an alternative to braces.”

Would moving a few teeth help you to feel more confident in your smile? If you have all of your adult teeth, then Reveal Aligners could be a great way to make some improvements to your smile. And unlike traditional metal braces, clear aligners are practically invisible, so no one will know you’re wearing them.

You’ll have the picture-perfect school photo you want every year without braces getting in the way.

“I regret not wearing my retainer.”

Are you one of those individuals who gave up wearing their retainer long ago? Maybe you had braces as a teenager but you never could remember to wear your retainer.

It’s time to make a new start. Your teeth may have relapsed over the years, but it’s not too late to start again. And you don’t have to wear full metal braces all over again; Reveal can help you make up for some of that lost ground.

Our aligners are made from our proprietary ClearWear™ material, which locks onto the tooth so securely that you won’t need any orthodontic attachments to get exceptional results for most relapse treatments.

Reveal Aligner patient outside

“I’m a parent interested in clear aligners for my child.”

Does your teen need mild or moderate orthodontic treatment? As long as your son or daughter has all of their adult teeth, clear aligners could be an excellent option for straightening their smile. Clear aligners are discreet, removable, easy to clean, and we have plenty available for adults and teens.

Reveal® Clear Aligners by Henry Schein® OrthodonticsTM, have so many benefits. Your child will love how sophisticated they feel wearing clear aligners makes them feel, and you’ll feel good knowing about the quality that goes into the product.