DPS: Peer-to-Peer Evaluation

Find out what a team of dentists had to say about the convenience, comfort, and clarity of Reveal in the Dental Product Shopper product review.

Highlights from the DPS Product Review:

  • Evaluators weigh in on clarity of aligners that are guaranteed not to discolor over time
  • Web-based portal simplifies case submission and provides optimal treatment plans quickly and easily
  • Reveal providers experience excellent support from Henry Schein.

Dr Paul Sandvick, A Reveal Aligners provider


“Patients have been very happy with the results” 

Paul Sandvick, DDS


Dr. Nicole Miller, a Reveal Aligner Provider


“Case submission through DDX is a simple, user-friendly process”
Nichole Miller, DDS



Dr. John Denison, a Reveal Aligner provider


“Reveal Aligners fit at every change, with no need for engagers” 

John Denison, DDS



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